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We strive to manufacture the best hardware for our valued customers. Focusing on three main categories of excellence: quality & innovation, distribution and sales support, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best products and service in


With a best-in-class national sales force focused solely on our builders hardware line of more than 7,500 products, we offer customized sets to meet the unique demands of each customer.

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Our dedicated marketing team is here to help with your needs. We provide free merchandising aids and custom marketing collateral that can be created quickly and easily, providing a custom presentation for your customer.

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Trade News

DIY Modern Wood Christmas Tree By Shabyfufu

This modern wood Christmas tree can be made in any size and to coordinate with a variety of decorating styles.
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DIY Oversized Christmas Wreath Hack by Shabyfufu

Using floral wire and cup hooks by National Hardware, she was able to create a beautiful, large wreath to proudly display all season long.
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News Alert: DIY Modern Barn Door Closet by Shabyfufu

National Hardware partner, Janet, of Shabyfufu blog, was tired of looking at her dark and dreary closet space. The rest of her master was light, bright and modern while her closet was tucked away into the dark corner of her master bath. She not only created a functional space but added lots of bright light and a modern touch to her master suite.
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