Adjustable Bungee

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Whether you are strapping your kayak down for an afternoon trip, or mounting your paddles to the wall of your garage, Adjustable Bungee cords will do it all.

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One Adjustable Cord Replaces All Your Bungees

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Wall Mountable

Organizing your garage just got 10x easier
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From 9 inches to 60 inches
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Swap to a S Hook to secure your cargo
Adjustable Bungee cord in hand
3 Easy Steps
The innovative slip-resistant securing system allows adjustable bungee to lock at any length.
Adjusting bungee cord length
Adjust Length
Latching bungee cord
Locking bungee cord
Lock in Place
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Innovative Security System
Patent-pending clamping mechanism provides superior hold strength
View Product Adjustable bungee cord with carabiner clip
Proven and Tested for the Long Haul.
Lock your bungee to any length
Person adjusting bungee cord legth
Adjustable bungees cords dangling with carabiner clips
couple pulling adjustable bungee cord
Lifespan limited lifetime warranty Adjustable bungee with carabiner in front of rocks
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